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Evil Witches

We are people who also happen to be mothers. 


Kind Words

"I love your newsletter SO much and forward to my fellow witches every month, telling them to just subscribe already for f's sake. Thank you for bringing hilarity and sanity to what is not always a hilarious or sane thing to do: mothering."

"Every. Single. Bit. Of this newsletter resonated with me."

"This is so amazing and exactly what I need in my life." 

"Cooking dinner, waiting for a furniture delivery, picking up princess detritus, but feeling good since reading the newsletter."

"I LOVE this newsletter: it has put a smile on my face. I’m somewhat introverted so I love that some one else has the similar issues."


"You don’t know how much of a relief it is to hear others have the same struggles."

"This was just the highlight of my morning breastpumping session. I’ll officially sign up during the second breakfast of breastpumping sessions."

"I literally burst into tears (hormonal, pregnant lady with a screeching three year old, who feels SEEN tears) reading the first paragraphs."

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